When I first came up with the idea for a blog about why I sometimes take naps on the train, I envisioned it to be survival tips for New Yorkers.  I originally sugar coated this “About” section with cutesy words like “chaotic” and “hectic” and told people that “I hope my advice helps!”

That was a dumb concept, and I am pleased that I never even got one blog post out that gave anyone some kind of cute little tip on how to survive New York.  Anyone that has lived a minute in New York knows that no “tip” is going to help you pay your rent, find a job, trek to work in the 8″ of snow when the trains aren’t running, get you out of bed when the perfect guy broke your heart, yell at your dentist when he tells you insurance doesn’t cover your root canal, fix your car after a hit and run, pay your ticket after you urinated in public, fix your roof when it’s leaking, or help with anything else that might knock you down when you’re just trying to get by.  And I should know, I have been living here my whole life.

I have no tips, I have no coping mechanisms, I have no survival guide.  I am just another one in a sea of millions who sometimes wonders how they can spend another day getting knocked down by this damn city while at the same time posting a photo of the Empire State building all lit up at night with commentary on how beautiful it is.  I am just another New Yorker with a love / hate relationship with the city that made me who I am.

Oh and sometimes, I nap on the train in the morning.



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